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Frequently Asked Questions

We use a wide variety of methods. Every student’s curriculum is customized to help them meet their unique musical goals.

Yes. Every student is responsible to purchase the assigned lesson books, methods, songbooks and online digital music that the teacher selects. All of the materials needed are available to order easily online or at local music stores. Click Here

Daily practice is the goal. Practicing five days per week is the minimum. This is accomplished by a combination of desire and discipline. When nurtured properly, the student’s passion for music will drive their practicing and subsequent results. However like anything, it’s also takes the discipline of consistent daily focus.

It’s rather simple: The more time a student plays and practices, the more they improve. That rate of improvement varies for everyone.

Not at all. Every student’s curriculum is customized to help them meet the goals we’ve established and maximize their unique musical potential.

30-minute minimum. 60-minute lessons are recommended for adults and intermediate to advanced students. Options include 30, 60 and 90 minute sessions. There is a 60 minute minimum for in-home lessons.

We have a campus in Hendersonville Tennessee and one in Brentwood Tennessee. Cedarstone’s Hendersonville Campus is at 1630 Latimer Lane – 37075. 1.5 miles from Long Hollow Pike and New Shackle Island Road near the Beech Schools.

Students begin as early as age 4 on Piano and Violin. For children younger than 4 that show a natural aptitude towards music combined with an advanced attention span can be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Piano, Guitar, Voice, Violin, Drums, Bass, Banjo, Mandolin, Dobro, Ukulele, Hammond B3, Saxophone, Trumpet, Euphonium, Trombone, French Horn, Recorder, Flute, Music Theory, Songwriting, Studio Production, Mix Engineering.

  • Properly Working instrument 
  • Books, Tablature, Manuscript Paper will be assigned by each teacher according to the customized goals of each student.

Eric P.

Both of my girls have taken lessons at Cedarstone for many years. All the teachers they have been top notch! Each teacher approaches music a little different which is great to gain a wide understanding of music Although my girls came to Cedarstone with some natural talent, they have soared in their understanding and love of music since finding this hidden gem. We love that there are so many options for them at Cedarstone and that the education here is very complete. 

Jim M.

Great teachers! Low pressure, high ideals. We are very pleased with Cedarstone’s professionalism and ability.

Violin Lessons (for adults)

David H.

After only a month, I’m already becoming so comfortable and familiar with my violin thanks to the help of Kevin and my fantastic teacher Michelle. I highly recommend Cedarstone to anyone of any age who wants to pursue a new instrument and enjoy doing so in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Piano Lessons (for adults)

Brian H.

Kevin Lawson is the best music teacher I’ve ever had. He made Cedarstone feel like home and always praised my efforts and inspiration. I have and will continue to recommend Cedarstone School of Music, to anyone seeking to learn an instrument.

Corinne P.

After two years of “basic” piano lessons, my daughters were bored and not challenged, they wanted to quit. Cedarstone breathed new life into them and now…..8 years later, they are playing the piano and now taking voice lessons. They can sit down and play ANY song they hear. We are an official “musically inclined” family which has been such a gift……..it is their way to refuel and relax. It has given them great joy and they both have incredible talent that was tapped thanks to Cedarstone!

Stacy R.

Kevin teaches one of my boys guitar and the other drums. They are total opposites in personality and needs. Mr. Kevin relates to both of them wonderfully and understands the best way to help each progress at his own level. We have moved out of state since we started lessons at Cedarstone. However, because of the quality of instruction and the relationship built with my children, we have continued our lessons via FaceTime each week. It has worked wonderfully for our family. We highly recommend Cedarstone Studios.

Tucker T.

My son has been taking guitar lessons at Cedarstone for two years and we are very pleased with his progress. Kevin always has a way to make music fun, fullfilling, and engaging to transform the student into an accomplished musician. The collective team of instructors at Cedarstone, brings a broad set of musical knowledge and teaching skills that is an absolute treasure. I highly recommend Cedarstone for all your music education endeavors.

Cherie D.

Cedarstone Music has provided an excellent experience for our son. Lessons are built around his personal needs and the goals he wants to achieve. I highly recommend it!

Kristine D.

Cedarstone has been an answer to prayer for our musically gifted daughter! There is nothing like it in this area and we are so pleased to be a part of the music family there! They are professionals and she has learned so much in just a few months!

Paul G.

Cedarstone Music studio is one of the best and friendliest music schools I’ve ever attended. The teachers there are studio quality and make it fun to learn.

Beth S.

Kevin Lawson has always been warm, welcoming, and professional. He allows the students to explore their creative abilities, but keeps them focused on learning.

Karen V.

The staff and instructors at Cedarstone are great! Even though my son has only been with Adam for a short time I am impressed at how much his skill, and especially his creativity, have developed. I feel blessed to have such a top-notch music school so close to home.

Arthur A.

Cedarstone School of Music = great people. Kevin and all the other instructors are top notch. I see Cedarstone being around for a very long time.

Jim M.

Great teachers! Low pressure, high ideals. We are very pleased with Cedarstone’s professionalism and ability.

If your student needs to miss a lesson, that’s ok! We offer Master Classes every week to ensure that your student has an opportunity to continue their music education even when they can’t attend their normal lesson. 

We do not offer makeup lessons for lessons that students cancel with their teachers, and expect that students will take advantage of Master Class offerings as part of their tuition. 

Withdraw From Music Lessons

Withdrawing your student is easy, but why would you want to do that? Our experience has revealed three main reasons why students withdraw.

A few things we want you to be aware of first:

Studies show that middle school and high school students who participate in instrumental music tend to score significantly higher than their non-musical peers in standardized tests.*

Consistent music education not only improves children’s academic performance, but also promotes responsibility, dedication, and processing skills.

The Three Common Reasons Students Withdraw:

  1. Student Losing Interest or Not Committed
    Maybe your student doesn’t seem interested or committed to the lessons? Have you tried switching instruments? Oftentimes we find that students who lose interest thrive when they switch to another instrument and sometimes, to a different instructor. Switching is easy. Just email info@cedarstone.com or call (615) 822-4995 and we’ll help you explore your options.
  1. Schedule Conflicts
    Is your current lesson time conflicting with your schedule causing you to miss lessons?  Need a new time/day?  We’d love to explore that option with you! Email info@cedarstone.com or call (615) 822-4995.
  1. Summer “Break”
    Taking a break during the summer is often seen as a way to rest and regroup. From our experience, there are 3 main disadvantages:• Students regress in their learning. Just like anything else, if you stop learning, you regress. We strongly encourage parents and students to dig in during the summer and get ahead in their musical pursuits, not behind.
    • Lose your instructor day/time slot – As of today, we have almost 300 students in our music program. The result of this growth means that peak days/times can be crowded and hard to get into. Withdrawing for the summer will mean that you lose your day/time slot and potentially your instructor too.
    • Tuition Increases – If you withdraw for a season and return after we have a had a tuition increase, you will be subject to the new rate. This rate increase does not impact currently enrolled students.

To Withdraw, please contact us at info@cedarstone.com to request a Withdrawal Form. Once Withdrawal Form is filled out, you can discontinue lessons at any time. We encourage you to finish out your current month of lessons. These important final lessons are designed to conclude your customized music education curriculum with success and empowerment for ongoing self-study. No refunds are given for remaining lessons in the student’s final month that your student doesn’t attend. 

*Source: University of Sarasota Study, Jeffrey Lynn Kluball; East Texas State University Study, Daryl Erick Trent

Cedarstone does not sell your information to third parties. We use your information for scheduling, communication, and accounting purposes.

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