Pre-Planned Makeups

  • A Few Reminders about Pre-Planned Makeups:



    1. Each student on a given Cedarstone account is allotted 4 Pre-planned Makeups per calendar year, per registered slot.
    2. Pre-planned Makeups must be requested a minimum of 60 days in advance.
    3. Pre-planned Makeups are scheduled to occur before the date of the original requested absence. All Pre-planned Makeup credits expire once the date of the original absence has passed.
    4. Pre-planned Makeups are requested via the form below. Once submitted, the process works as follows:

    -We look for a time your Cedarstone instructor is available.
    -We look to see if the studio has availability.
    -If an alternate time slot is unavailable a the studio, a FaceTime lesson is scheduled.
    If none of the above options are able to be worked out, this lesson will turn into a Flex Makeup credit via a Cedarstone Masters Class.

  • Pre-planned Makeup Request Form

    Contact Number

    Date(s) of Planned Absence(s): This is the range of days the student will be gone, or the specific date of the absence.

    Reason for Absence(s)

    Specific Lesson Dates Missed: This is the specific date of the lesson that falls within the absence range.

    Rescheduling Conflicts?

    Students Affected by Absence

    I understand that this form is a request for a pre-planned makeup lesson to be scheduled 1:1 between my student and his/her ongoing instructor. I understand that this request is invalid if not given with a minimum of 60 days notice. I understand that I am allowed a maximum of 4 preplanned makeups per year, per registered slot. I understand that this lesson has to be scheduled to occur before the date of the original missed lesson, and that all pre-planned makeup credits expire as of the date of the original absence. I also understand that, if a studio slot or a mutually available FaceTime/Skype video lesson with my Cedarstone instructor is not available within my time constraints for a reschedule, this pre-planned makeup lesson will convert to a Cedarstone Masters Class, which expires 180 days after the original scheduled lesson.