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Cedarstone Arts Foundation is 501(c)3 registered nonprofit: we are a collective of music industry professionals, local school teachers and administration, community leaders, business professionals, and music education activists all dedicated to one common goal: Provide high caliber music education to change lives and assist every qualified student in maximizing their unique musical potential.

The Cedarstone Arts Foundation changes lives through music education. Not every musically talented student gets the opportunity to maximize their potential. We exist to find those gifted young musicians in the local community and give them the very best in private music education.

You know who Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is because his father Leopold saw his early talent, taught him, and gave him the opportunity to perform for kings and queens. You know the litany of great movie scores of John Williams (Star Wars, E.T, Harry Potter, and almost 100 more) because he grew up in the world of music academia with piano lessons from an early age. Virtually every world famous musician you know across all genres became renowned because a team of people somewhere saw their talent and invested in them. Whether it was in a classroom, private music lessons, as an understudy, on stage, or even on a video screen, they were mentored and trained by someone.

But what about the students who are equally as gifted, but will never have a chance to learn how to foster and grow their musical talent? What about those who have no encouragement? What about those who are musical geniuses spending their energy trying to simply survive with basic needs? What about the parents who realize their child is different in a really good way, but know that they have no way to help them get the education they need?

The Cedarstone Arts Foundation is on a quest to find these students and give them the chance to be all they were created to be.

Join us.

There is a chasm between musically gifted students without opportunity, and high quality music education. Cedarstone Arts Foundation bridges that gap. Some of the greatest musical geniuses will never rise to their world-impacted potential without mentoring. Success only happens when opportunity meets preparation.

Quality music education opens tremendous doors of opportunity. It can literally change the trajectory of a life. We seek to find students in our community with exceptional gifts who only need that open door in order to maximize their musical potential.

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Volunteer your time. Contact us at info@cedarstonearts.org.

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