Policies And Procedures

  • Every student is receiving lessons that are unique to their ability, creativity, and personal musical goals. Together we are on a remarkable journey, where skilled music professionals are empowering each student to maximize their musical potential, regardless of style or format. The following guidelines help stay the course and help us reach our destination.

    1. Students are expected to be prepared at every lesson with their notebook, assignment book, music, methods, instrument, and other necessary materials.

    2. Each student (and parent) will have a username and password to the Cedarstone Online Portal. This powerful tool allows access to lesson notes, communication from administration and instructors, billing records, digital library, and the practice log.

    3. Practice at home is expected five days per week. Login to the Cedarstone Online Portal at cedarstonemusic.com to input daily practice times.

    4. Each lesson will include assignments for that week. They are always intended to encourage creativity and the joy of music. Some will be unique and fun. Some will require more discipline and persistence. All of them are to be respected and completed each week. Lesson notes are emailed and recorded on the online portal at the end of each session.

    5. Teachers are to be respected, honored and treated politely at all times. Students are asked to bring a positive attitude.

    6. Monthly tuition is paid in advance and due by the 1st of each month. Autopay via ACH bank draft ensures prompt payment and helps avoid late fees. The tuition amount is dependent on the number of lesson days in that month. You can view your account through the Cedarstone Online Portal at any time.

    7. Lessons are given at the same time each week. Your tuition is reserving a specific time slot in Cedarstone’s studio schedule.

    8. Missed lessons are not refunded nor is credit given toward future lesson fees. Cancellations and illnesses are perfectly understandable, however, without a 30-day notice, there are no make-up lessons. Teachers are willing to teach via video conferencing during the reserved teaching slot time if illness or other factors prevent in-person attendance. 

    9. When the 30-day notice is given regarding upcoming vacations, or pre-planned missed lessons, monthly tuition remains the same and the teacher will offer available times for those missed lessons to be given within the 30 days before the preplanned missed lessons.

    10. Curriculum runs year-round and alternate times are offered for lessons that fall on directly on major holidays.

    11. In the event of dangerous weather, safety is the priority. Make-ups or video conferencing will be offered if weather cancels lessons.

    12. If a teacher’s recording/producing or touring schedule prevents a lesson, a different Cedarstone teacher will teach and bring a unique additional musical experience beneficial for the student.

    13. To discontinue lessons, a 30-day written notice is required. However the terms for any promotion offer stays in effect for the entire time of the purchased promotion as agreed to when signing up.

    14. Recitals occur in the fall and spring. Recital fees are detailed below:

    For students taking multiple lessons, who choose to perform multiple times at an event, there is a reduced fee for the additional performance slots. There is also the same adjustment for families with multiple students. 

    Single Performance: $30

    Second Performance: $25

    Third or more Performances: $20 each

    15. Video cameras are set up in every teaching room so you can see your student in their lesson at all times from the television in the main lobby. Understand that your student will be monitored via this video system. Also understand that you can request to sit in on your student’s lesson at any time unless it distracts the student and makes the lesson less effective.

    16. Your student may be included in promotional footage that could include video or images of their practice time, performances, etc. 

    We are here to help you succeed. Let’s honor these processes to help you maximize your musical potential. Many Cedarstone students over the years have gone on to major universities earning music scholarships and some with careers in the professional music industry. These skills and life practices take time, patience and persistence to develop. Thank you for trusting us as we guide and mentor you in the art of music.