Welcome New Teacher: George Pendergrass

February 22, 2016

Welcome George Pendergrass our newest instructor specializing in Performance Coaching and Voice Training. Studied at Juliard. Performed and recorded with U2. Toured the world as lead singer for Acappella. This man evokes so much raw explosive presence on stage, one thing’s for sure… he’s not teaching from a text book! As one of the lead vocalist for Merging Blue, George brings the creds and the tricks of the trade to help any performer increase stage presence in powerful ways. Wanna learn how to bring your A-game from the moment your feet hit the stage. Come learn from a master. And speaking of master… George has his Master’s degree in Community Development with a focus in multi-cultural enrichment. He sees the beauty in diversity and brings a wealth of knowledge and unity to every effort. He’s a great fit here at Cedarstone where we are maximizing every student’s musical potential. Sign up today.