Music Lessons

  • Maximize Your Musical Potential

    • Guitar

      Solo, rhythm and lead on acoustic and electric.

    • Voice

      Unleash new tone and range.

    • Piano

      88 keys invite your fingers to dance.

    • Violin

      Traditional, Suzuki and contemporary techniques.

    • Drums

      Full drum set, percussion and mallets.

    • Bass

      Electric or acoustic upright. Be the foundation.

    • Ukulele

      The new rave on the old classic. Little instrument big fun.

    • Banjo

      Get those fingers rolling to the rhythm and ready to solo.

    • Mandolin

      The 8-string wonder of rhythm and lead lines.

    • Dobro

      Slide across those strings.

    • Saxophone

      Soulful sounds to express your inner self.

    • Music Theory

      The magic key to unlock the musical door.

    • Songwriting

      Learn the art of captivating lyrics and memorable melodies.

    • Studio Production

      Arranging, tracking, programming and recording techniques.

    • Audio Engineering

      Where technology and art combine to make a track come alive.

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