Makeup Lessons

  • You are expected to prioritize your music education. Attending scheduled lessons regularly is critical for success. We also understand that life gets busy. In case of these absences, we have a generous makeup policy. There are two types of makeups: Flex Makeups and Pre-Planned Makeups.

  • Flex Makeups

    • You are able to cancel your lesson up until the start time of that lesson.
    • A Flex Makeup Credit is given in the form of a Masters Class taught in a dynamic group setting.

    What is a Masters Class?
    Cedarstone instructors teach practical musicianship and specialized topics from their professional area of expertise. This interactive group experience is both a great way to have a fresh perspective in your student’s current field of study and to foster our creative community. Togetherness and group learning is a powerful tool. There is also an amazing opportunity to come learn about a new instrument or concept to broaden your musical perspective.

    Masters Classes are offered twice a month on Saturdays, and occasionally on Sundays at the following times and are broken down by age group.

    5-8 year olds: 10-11AM
    9-12 year olds: 11-12PM
    13-17 year olds: 12-1PM
    Adults: 12-1PM

    5-8 year olds: 1-2PM
    9-12 year olds: 2-3PM
    13-17 year olds: 3-4PM
    Adults: 3-4PM

    How to Cancel a Lesson (3 options):

    1. Call the Cedarstone main line (615-822-4995) and dial extension 1 for scheduling needs. Inform the scheduling manager that you will be missing an upcoming class. A makeup credit will automatically be added to your student account in the Cedarstone Online Portal. Remember, you can cancel a lesson up until the lesson start time. No shows or calling after the scheduled lesson time will not result in a makeup credit.
    2. Email or your teacher directly and let them know you will be missing an upcoming lesson. Do this at any point before the scheduled lesson has begun. A makeup credit will be automatically added to your account.
    3. Sign in to your Cedarstone Student Portal and cancel your lesson directly from your “calendar” tab. Check out our new video walking you through this easy step-by-step process below.

      *Remember: If you are canceling your lesson more than 60 days in advance, you are eligible for a Pre-Planned Makeup. This is a 1:1 reschedule with your teacher - check out our video walking you through the scheduling process for Pre-Planned Makeups.

    How to Sign Up for Flex Makeups (1 option):

    1. Sign in to your Cedarstone Student Portal and click on any bi-weekly Saturday or Sunday calendared Master’s class from your “calendar” tab. Sign up to participate right from there! You can check out our new video walking you through this easy step-by-step process below.


    • Flex Makeup credits apply towards Group Masters Classes.  
    • Pre-Planned Makeups require a minimum of 60 days notice with a maximum of 4 per calendar year. 
    • Schedule and Attend your Masters Class within 180 days of the originally scheduled lesson.
    • Flex Makeup Credits expire after 180 days.
    • All Makeups expire when a student withdraws from Cedarstone lessons.


    How to Cancel Your Lesson for a Flex Makeup Credit
    How to Schedule a Masters Class with Your Flex Makeup Credit
  • Pre-Planned Makeups

    • Are offered for lessons canceled with a minimum of 60 days notice.
    • Pre-Planned Makeups are given in the form of a 1:1 lesson with your Cedarstone instructor.
    • Limit 4 per calendar year.

    What is a Pre-Planned Makeup?
    Pre-Planned Makeups are scheduled through the Cedarstone scheduling team. They will either be in person or in the form of a FaceTime/Skype lesson depending upon studio availability, your instructor's availability, and your availability. Pre-Planned Makeups are completed before the date of the original missed lesson and are 1:1 with your ongoing instructor. 

    How to Cancel a Lesson with Minimum 60 Day Notice:

    1.  Go to the request form here. Our scheduling team will approve your request for a Pre-Planned Makeup if you are eligible. You are eligible if you are making your request a minimum of 60 days in advance and do not have more than 4 Pre-Planned makeups for your student for the year, per registered slot.

    How to sign up for Pre-Planned Makeups:

    1. The scheduling process is as follows:
      • Alternate lesson times are offered based off of your instructor's schedule and available studio space.
      • If a time slot is unavailable at the studio, a FaceTime/Skype lesson is scheduled.
      • If none of the above options are able to be worked out after multiple options are given, this lesson will turn into a Flex Makeup credit given via a Cedarstone Masters Class.


    • 4 Pre-Planned Makeups are allowed per calendar year.
    • Pre-Planned Makeups require a minimum of 60 days in advance.
    • Pre-Planned Makeups must occur before the date of the original requested absence or they are forfeited.


    Click here to submit a request for a Pre-Planned Makeup Lesson now.

    How to Request and Schedule your Pre-Planned Makeup Lesson